Become a citizen of the USA, real USA passport

We offer bulletproof USA passports + SSN + Drivers License and Birth Certificate and other papers making you an official citizen of the USA!
It will even work if you are not in the USA yet

How we do it? Trade secret! But we can assure you that you won't have any problems with our papers.
We are shipping documents from the USA, international shipping is no problem.
You can use your own name or a new name!
Information on how to send us required info (scanned signature, biometric picture etc) will be given after purchase.

The total price is 4000 USD, 1000 USD paid when you order and the other 3000 when we show you photo and video proof of your passport.
The first 1000 USD are needed upfront to see you are serious about it. Once paid we will discuss details in our shop internal message system.

Product Price Quantity
Your USA citizenship first payment 25% 1000/4000 1500 USD = 0.12787 ฿
US bank account with online banking and card. Great for cashing out bitcoin. Accounts will last at least 8 years. 1000 USD = 0.08525 ฿